Many many moons ago…like 4 years…I went in search of a triathlon bike on the advice of my coach.  Not having a clue as to what I was getting into, I went to several bike shops…ehhh about 10.  I wanted someone to help me, not upsell me, and I wanted someone who cared that I did not want or need a bike that was more or bigger than I was ready for. I am not sure how I found Guys Bike’s…but I did and they are AMAZEBALLS.  I am not quite convinced that Ryan’s wallet feels the same way…. but carry on.  One of the owners, Bob Burke, took more time than ever imagined to explain to me what I should be looking for, the fit process and not what bike he could sell me but what would be fit.  This became such an important moment for me as it really shaped the service that small businesses deliver that the internet can NEVER provide. I bought a bike that year…I did not love it at first.  It was very different than a road bike but I learned to love it.  I rode it many many miles and it was SUPER.   Along the way, I became a huge advocate for his store and his service.  He always provided the same service to all of the people that I sent down there.  I spent many miles on my bike and I rode in everything…and they always took care of it, even when it was in less than stellar condition. So this year, I am stoked to be riding a Guys Bike Felt tri bike….


it is nice, shiny and super clean…not for long.  The staff there is amazing and I could not go anywhere THANKS Bob, Lee, Chad and the rest of the crew. You are the bomb diggity….

and while we are talking about bike shops and little PSA and I will get off my soapbox…our communities do not survive without small business. I will admit I am loyal and biased since I work in run specialty…..NORTH WALES RUNNING.  It is easy and convenient to shop from the couch and warmth of our home, but there are many services that these businesses offer that the internet cannot.  So when in doubt, get a bike , a sneaker, or any product from someone who can help you and knows what they are doing.  End of rant!


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