Everytime I sit down to write someone needs something or I decide going to bed is a much better idea….

So bullet points it is.

We spent last week in NH which included our annual trip to Storyland.  We stayed in a condo and while packing our car, a bear decided he might come along.  The kids were playing in the van while we were packing…we promptly locked them in the van and Jack started to play on the horn which sent him on his way.

The seven cousins!
The girls started playing soccer.  Two different leagues on the same night which is interesting.  Both of them seem to be enjoying it so far.

We had our first experience with stitches.  Brianna fell while on her scooter.  She split her forehead open and need a whole lot of stitches to close it up.  Luckily she was wearing a helmet so it was just the cut.
She did like the emergency room enough to declare that she would like her birthday there next year…all you can watch cartoons was the deal sealer!

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Caroline · August 6, 2012 at 2:00 am

Ack, I can't believe you saw a bear!! Scary! And poor Brianna, hope the cut heals fast! That's funny she wants her birthday party there next year, haha!

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