Back to the grind

January 16th, 2013 | Posted by Stacey in Uncategorized
Jackson  my faithful greeter…mind you it is COLD here.
I started training again in January after a good block of time off.  I felt excited to be back into a groove and routine.  We started slow, I was coming off being sick and not training and the combination left me only a little in the tank if that.  I had spent the most of late November and December swimming my little heart out but that was it.
Well my battery is recharged and I am ready to go!  I have picked out a few races this spring.  A half marathon in April and a 70.3 in June.  I am looking forward to using those as stepping stones to my big race at Lake Placid this year.  I have a bunch of friends racing and I am looking forward to toeing the line for my first Ironman ( Ryan will tell you my ONLY).
The treadmill has proved to be a godsend with the kids, ice and snow.  I ran my first run outside in CT this weekend and it was nice to get out in the cold fresh air again. 

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