Big Shoes…….

November 3rd, 2010 | Posted by Stacey in Uncategorized

That pretty much sums up my week – I have some big shoes to fill…..
So many things this week…tomorrow we are serving dinner at church.  Tonight we went and bought all of the food and I will spend the majority of tomorrow getting it ready.  Food for 50 – is a LOT of food.  All while my three little munchkins tear apart thr house.
Saturday is Brianna’s 3rd Birthday – next year remind me that it is always smarter to host elsewhere.  We have friends and family coming into town and staying at the house starting tomorrow.  I am super excited to see everyone and celebrate these occasions.
Sunday is Jacksons christening.  If we can get him out of Aly’s twinkle toes…….Off to bed.

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