As I was running on the dreadmill this afternoon, yes it was a measly 1 degree outside and I could not justify the outdoors, I was thinking how truly blessed we are as a family. The one thing that is probably good about the dreadmill is there is time for reflection.

We are blessed that we have two healthy children. At times, last week as I recall, I was looking for a boarding school for my “strong willed” almost three year old. However, as we made valentines this morning and she was talking about who she “hearted” in this family, I realized she does get it.

Ryan and I are blessed to have each other. Although we often overlook each others strengths, and December was one LOOONG month, we have really worked hard to appreciate and give each other time this month. Plus Friday Night Lights started back and we love that show.

Okay, enough sappy thoughts, while running I was able to think about all of the things to be greatful for in my life. 9.2 miles gives me a long time to make that list.

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