Yesterday I ran the Broad Street 10 miler in Philadelphia.  Originally, I was not going to do this but when we thought we might be moving, I decided to try to get in and check it off the bucket list.

The race was huge! and it sold out in 5 hours I think.  Ryan spent a good 1.5 hours trying to register me when it opened, they had server issues and it kept crashing…

Onto the race..the course is flat and a net downhill I think.  We got there plenty early and hung out on the bus until about 1/2 hour before the race was going to start.  The weather was perfect, there was no sun and the temps were in the 50s I think.

Since UMLY did not go so great, we decided that I would just train through the week and not rest for Broad Street.  Sun am…I was ready to race though.  The plan was to start out conservative and descend the miles.  The crowds were awesome and the corrals moved pretty quickly once the race got started.

I had heard that you could end up walking most of the first mile due to the crowds but that was not the case…once we stepped over the timing mat it was GO time…this race went by fast.  Each mile was quicker and   the entire run is really a straight shot.

The only issues we had were the last mile, the course starts to narrow significantly to get everyone into the Navy Yard…so we really had to work to keep the pace we wanted.  At the end, you come to a screeching halt…since there are so many people and not a lot of places for you to go…you literally crossed the finish line and put the brakes on!

Overall it was a great race for me…I finished in 1:23 and that was 15 min faster than my last 10 mile race!

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Marisa · May 9, 2012 at 4:43 pm

15 min PR!!! Congrats!!! LOVE Broad Street. That was actually my first race ever! And when are you moving?

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