I am tired. I began my new “job” this week being a Stay at Home Mom. It’s sad on a Friday night at 7:45 pm, the thing I am most excited about is my bed. No doubt, this is the most exhausting job I have had in a while. It is amazing how much energy they have, and how many questions Aly has.

Today was great. We met our friend Amy, who has 2 girls Sophia and Ava. They are similar in age to Aly and Brianna. We went out to lunch and then to play. Today, I can’t imagine trading in my new “job” I am truly blessed to have the ability to stay and home and to have friends we can play with.

This past week we met a photographer Denise Gammel for family pictures. She did a nice job. Our link to our pictures is here:


I really like this one – she did a nice job capturing both girls, and man it was chilly!

This weekened we are going to our first halloween party! I will be sure to post pictures! Good night

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Tarawilky · October 25, 2008 at 5:44 pm

I favor the picture where both girls are pulling Ry's hair and he kept smiling!

Your new job will not only be the most challenging but most rewarding one you will ever hold. I am proud of you for the gift you are giving your family and sacrifice you are making! Before you know it — both girls will be in school & you're working PT / Mother Hours to be home by the time the

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