Fall is Coming

September 6th, 2011 | Posted by Stacey in Uncategorized
Our Fall is rapidly approaching…evident by the pumpkins in our yard that are getting ripe.  School starts tomorrow and then preschool starts on Thursday.  New Backpacks are ready and everyone is eager to start.
Jack is still mowing along side of daddy….obsessed with anything that he can drive.

We may have outgrown some of our toys..but it still doesn’t stop us from having a little last summer fun.
Finally, we headed back to CT for a quick trip to Spring Valley and caught up with some of our neighbors..it was great to see everyone and the kids are all getting really big.
Ryan is home this week and then he travels next week.  We booked a trip to Hong Kong in November so I can finally see Asia.  It should be fun to see the city.  My last triathlon is this weekend…I will be glad to put away the bike and focus on just running.  The weather is getting cooler much faster than I remember from last fall. 

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