Check out the cheeks – and the rolls on the arms.  Jackson went for his one month appt this morning.  Weighing in at 12.2 lbs, you know he is eating well when the Dr. comments that he can go longer in between feedings.  Yeah, I will be sure to let him know….  He is 23 inches long and such a good baby.
His umbilical cord did not quite heal so they cauterized it this morning.  He was not a fan of that.  Othewise everything looks good.
This is the girls last week of school and then the summer camp progrma starts.  Aly has moved to the 4 year old room.  She is excited and asked me this morning how long before she moves to the 5 year old. 

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Tarawilky · June 15, 2010 at 2:16 pm

It's a little scary and AWESOME how much your kids look a like. Do people think Jackson looks more like Aly, right now? Love the hat.

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