My parents had a retirement party on Friday night.  They did not know the extent of the party – which was at the minor league baseball game.  Below they are on the field throwing out the first pitch.
I don’t know which one is more excited about retiring – my mom or my dad.  They both are counting down the final days!  It was great that all four kids and all 6.75 grandkids were there to celebrate their achievements!  The weather was perfect and I think that they were both surprised at the number of people there.
How amazing that they have been teaching this long.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that they are going to retire together and have many more years to enjoy our family.
Mom and Dad  – CONGRATS – You have 7 reasons to enjoy these years!
Connor, Aly, Brianna, Callum, Luke, Jackson and Baby Hoey – are so excited!
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