We have not had a weekend at home together since August I think.  With Ryan’s travel and our commitments we will not have another one until the end of October.  So this weekend we spent trying to catch up on all of the fall stuff that we needed to do at the house.

Jack totally loves any tool that makes noise…he loved helping Ryan power wash the deck.  On Sunday, we were able to get away for a quick anniversary dinner…even though we are a month late it was still fun to have a quiet dinner and talk about fall and spring travel plans…eekkkks we are going to be one BUSY family.
On Sunday morning…this was on our kitchen counter.
Ryan said the Fall Fairy dropped it off..this is my FAVORITE thing in the whole world..well really the pumpkins are. I am guessing it will not take long for this bag to disappear..good thing they are not around all year!

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Marisa · October 10, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Oooh, those pumpkins are the best! I can't be trusted around a bag of them. But the brown candy corn are crap.

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