It is no secret in our family that Ryan is the fun parent.  He buys the ice cream, cereal and all the fun stuff.  This weekend we were supposed to travel to CT but for a variety of reasons, I ended up staying home in PA with the kids.  They are missing daddy…..big time.
There was no weekly trip to Target today to get slushies…that probably tops the list.  I mowed the lawn with Jackson and he kept reminding me that I was driving Daddys tractor.  Thank goodness he arrives home tonight and there will be two sugar filled days with him.
Tonight we made black bean salsa for dinner with some stuff from our garden….Aly had a great time putting it all together!

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Caroline · May 31, 2012 at 12:59 am

Your kids are adorable! It must be hard on you when they miss their dad. I do really love the story of the mass quantity of cereal he bought on a grocery trip – hilarious!

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