The week went by fast and it is hard to believe that we are midway through Feb.  We made a quick trip to CT this week while my mom was down.  We have been working on the houses….this has not been our year for rentals.  While we have fared quite well in the 9 years we have owned them this year was certainly our worst.
Onward and upward…we are in the process of filling them again for the next academic year.  Hopefully we get a good crop of students this year and all is well.
Everyone is busy…we head to Florida in a couple of weeks so we have been spending more time in the pool with the kids.  Jackson our fearless leader is jumping in and last week he was swimming with the help of a noodle….watch out swim team here we come.
He is not into sharing….AT ALL….the age I know but it results in many meltdowns….as he wants what the girls have.  He sat tonight and would let no one touch the new water bottle I got…..
I think March is going to be Operation Binky removal….since we are traveling a fair amount I might just forget it at home and see how we do

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