So I posted this picture on Facebook this afternoon.  It was taken before Aly and Brianna left for the church halloween party.  They are old enough to decide what they want to wear for costumes so I pretty much left it up to them  This pretty much sums up their personalities PERFECTLY.
Each day I am amazed how differently our children are wired.  When we first started to talk about Halloween, we talked about costumes….Aly sat down and made a list of all the things she would need to put together the perfect fairy costume.  She spent A LONG time picking out accessories, jewels, hair ribbons, and such for this costume.  Tonight she asked for makeup before leaving so she would sparkle like a real fairy.
How did Brianna decide what she wanted to be?  She went to the dress up containers, picked out the iguana and said here it is…this is what I want to be.  There was no process or thinking involved she just did it and moved on. She really likes iguanas and loves going to Aruba and seeing them all around the pool so in reality it made sense. 
What I don’t get though…how did they get to be SO different?  Minus the 6 hours a week of preschool and kindergarten, they are home with me all day long.  They play very well together but I spend a lot of time talking about it is okay to like different things.  Right now that is hard for Aly, she cannot grasp that Brianna would want Mader at her birthday instead of Rapunzel.  I just keep telling Aly, not all girls love princesses….but she is just not there and all her little friends at school love Cinderella and the works.  Meanwhile, Brianna is busy playing trucks and chasing the boys…she will be my little soccer player I think.
So onward I go…this parenting thing can be HARD…to navigate the different interests and I know it will only get harder as they get older. 
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