Literally…we have not stopped this week.  It has been busy, busy, busy.  The kids are so EXCITED about Christmas they are talking about it nonstop, every day and all.the.time.

I LOVE IT!  and the Elf on the Shelf made it return to our house.  So far it has made it back from the North Pole every night….I caught Aly talking to it the first day…of course in Aly fashion she was telling the Elf how good she has been and how everyone else has done this or done that.

On the training front I am back in full swing…hoping the hip is going be okay.  Looking forward to a fun winter of training and getting ready for next spring.

Ryan is home this week…sick, sick, sick.  Of course he is still working hard and heads back out to London next week.  Hopefully he will be better by then.

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