For the most part being patient is not really all that fun, especially for me.  In the short term it usually requires the ability to do nothing…to wait it out and allow the process to takes its course.  I think that learning to be patient, whether with our children, triathlon or work in general is a skill that takes a lot of hard work and practice.

Recently I have been working on being more patient…one of those passive new years resolutions that is still in the back of my head…

Boys – specifically those that are almost turning 2…..I guess I really never knew they could be like this.   On more than one occasion I have found myself turned to Ryan and saying, “who does this stuff”   It is immediately apparent that Jackson does not fall far from the daddy tree….the stories I have heard must clearly all be true.    He has so much physical energy, add to that he is incredibly coordinated.  Tonight as he was waiting to go to the car he was sitting at the island…and literally I saw his eyes light up…like a bullet he was one the counter attempting to swing from the lights hanging above.  Huge grin and not a care in the world that anyone else was watching.  I think I must say get down, no thank you, and please do not….more than anything else.

Triathlon….I had fun plans for this past fall to work on my running and biking to get up to par with my swimming….however, my hip had quite different plans.  It was ready for a lond hiatus and is beginning to show some positive improvment these last few weeks.  While I love swimming…..I don’t love it 5 times a week ALL THE TIME…and certainly no 1650 time trials. Slowly, my hip has gotten better….literally two steps forward and one step backward….I seem to be in the clear FINALLY and have begun running and biking in the same week…which has not happened really since November….I have an awesome PT  Wendy, who has been teaching me patience on a weekly basis at APEX.

So onward and upward we move….hopefully settling into 2012 learning that patience really can pay off in the end…even if you have to remove all hanging light fixtures from your house.

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Marisa · February 9, 2012 at 11:27 am

Um, wow. That's all I can say about Jackson. Wow.
But YAY that you're back to running and biking!

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