Yes, Princess Dorina is still alive and well in our house. She has even become bilingual. Today I was putting dishes away and Aly asked me to help her with the play dough. I told her to hold on since I was emptying the dishwasher. She said Ayudame – which is “help me” in spanish. Thanks Dora, for making my kid bilingual. Is is nice to know if I don’ respond right away she will repeat it in Spanish.

Here is Princess Dorina – although this afternoon, she did decide for a short half hour that she would be a cat – go figure.

I have one rule -well okay, I have lots of rules. But in general we do not allow playing on the stairs. So when I told Aly that she could not play on the stairs, she let me know, she was on the floor.

Tonights bath was at 3 pm – I was looking forward to an early bedtime – Aly spent the better half of the time trying to convince Brianna that bubbles were good to eat. Unfortunately for Aly, Brianna prefers pizza, sorry kid she can’t be fooled.

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