Our weekend was JAMMED…so easier in bullet points..
  • My superstar friend Caroline visited us on Saturday and I am convinced we have scared her from ever having children…. might be the numerous times Jackson took his clothes off, the 9 kids that were present for our “prerace dinner” and the choas that created, or Jackson climbing into bed with her at 3 am.
  • Aly dressed up for our dinner and then read Princess Pigeralla…I am pretty sure she was in heaven with friends to entertain.

  • It was awesome to catch up and connect again since I had not seen her since the Poconos race last fall.  I missed camp this year, we were in Aruba,..so I was excited to hang out for a little while and she was GREAT about meeting our crew and seeing Jackson in action.

  • Sunday we were both up and out the door early since we were heading to different races.  I headed up to run a local half marathon.  The weather was WARM…for May..not that I am complaining that much but I wished I wore shorts.  The course was different..downhill for the first 5 miles and then back and another loop that was a bunch of rollers…and now I know I need to work on hills!  I eekkked out a PR so that was nice and it is good to know where I am this spring.  Post race fun with friends!
  • Upon my arrival home…the crew was ready to hit Seseme Place..this was really not my idea of recovery but I am trying to work on the balance piece.  The weather was beautiful and the kids were so EXCITED to go.  It was opening weekend and not too crowded but we had a good time..I hobbled around for the better part of the afternoon and went on the least amount of rides as possible.
  • Finally, I called it quits about 45 min before the park closed….I am pretty sure Ryan would have stayed until they kicked us out..but I was done done done.


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