We have a studious bunch right?  This week has been filled with random funny moments…..

Jack is out of the crib..happily climbing out and excited that he has figured out how to do so.  The problem though is he wants to sleep in the crib and cannot figure out how to get back in…so currently is bed of choice is the floor of his bedroom.

Brianna keeps telling me that she wants Santa to bring her a Cars bike.  I explained that Santa brought her a bike last year….the problem is i tis Tinkerbell not Cars.  She recently told me that she was going to write Santa a note and tell him to take the Tinkerbell one back and bring a Cars one…oh dear.

Aly had homework for girl scouts last week where she needed to draw a picture of a strong and courageous person.  When I asked her who she was going to draw she was not really sure.  Brianna piped in and said she should draw God since that is the person that sees you when you do bad things.  Then she stated that Aly just needed to draw the sky since he lived up there somewhere.  Somehow we ended up with Amelia Earheart.

Someone is a having a little identity crisis…..or so I thought until he threw the stroller across the room…nope he is ALL BOY!
Check out this HUGE bowl of ice cream my mom gave Jack!  She is here for the week while Ryan is in London….our house currently smells like COOKIES! YUM!

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