This weekend Santa appeared by fire truck in our neighborhood.  Jack was in HEAVEN.  A truck and the ho, ho, ho…as he calls Santa.
On Sat night we had 15 of our closest friends under the age of 6 over for a little gingerbread decorating.  
We decorated lots of houses and had fun. I might be finding sugar and frosting in July….
Finally, I sent Ryan with the three kids to the grocery store on Sat morning before the party.  Simple instructions…you must be gone more than 1.5 hours (so I can get the house ready) and PLEASE buy only what is on the list.  I should have known better.  A little birdie told me that he started the trip in the Ice Cream  Aisle…anyone that knows Ryan that will not come as any surprise.  Not only did he come home with  things not on the list HELLO 5 gallons of ice cream…he brought back cheese balls…apparently for the party and somehow they never made it out.
No worries though..Jackson has found them quite useful.
Time to turn on the door alarm!

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