I often think with parenting there are not a whole lot of moments where you stop and think..I must be doing something right.  Too often our days are filled with please put away this or take your dishes here.  We talk a lot in our family about manners, being nice, and giving to people. 

Today was one of those moments where I was just so proud!  We had a fun day planned with a classmate of Aly’s.  We were going to get haircuts, out to lunch and then to paint pottery.  A girls day out…well plus Jack!

Aly has never cut her hair.  Lots of people comment on how long it is or how pretty – she obviously did not get the blond from me  – ha.  The last few times were have been for a trim she has talked about cutting it short.  I really did not care but I wanted it to be her decision.  I will say I was DEATHLY afraid of the first cut and the tears if she did not like it.

This morning, she talked nonstop that she had agreed with Gianna that they were going to cut their hair.  Gianna has beautiful long curly hair as well.  Then Chrissy, Giannas mom told me that we can donate her hair if we cut more than 8 inches.  I explained to Aly what that meant and then we measured out her hair…it was plenty long enough! 

I’ll be honest.. I was having a slight heart attack.  Not over the hair, honestly it will make my mornings so much easier.  I was worried if she decided she did not want it that short midway through…when it was too late.  I know that it is another life lesson but I was hoping for a meltdown free day and we had not had that this week.  She did great though..we talked a lot about who she was helping and what a nice gift it was.  Look how long…I will NOT miss the hours I spent braiding and brushing AT all!
Let the cutting begin!
In the end, she loved the cut and so did mom…we mailed off her hair this evening…a great lesson!

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Craig · December 3, 2011 at 5:14 pm


This was a great thing that you did. You look so pretty.


sdbell_vc · December 6, 2011 at 2:45 am

Aly — you so rock! Congratulations on your new hair — you're beautiful.

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