We went strawberry picking this morning.  I have been wanting to go all season and they close on Sat, so we headed over this morning.  Of course we arrive and it starts to pour.  Jackson was sleeping so we headed down to the shop to use the bathroom since I told Aly it was not really okay to pee in the fields.

Luckily when we got back to the field it had stopped raining.  Aly was on a mission to get the most strawberries, crown and all.

Brianna picked dandielions
and the straw out of her shoes….that was about the extent of her picking
We picked for about 15 minutes before Jackson decided he was hungry.  Of course he is listening to the peditrician who told him he did not need to eat every 2 hours – yeah right.  So I carried Jackson while Brianna picked flowers and straw and Aly picked strawberries.
We sat in the field parking lot while I fed Jackson and the girls watched a show, snacking on the few strawberries that we did collect.  When we got home this is what was left…..
Nope the bowl is not deceiving, they will probably finish them for snack.  Sigh…..so much for freezing a whole bunch for the fall and winter.
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