Nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the day…..especially with the snow boots which have not come off in three days.  Pick you battles mom…and that is not one of them.  We will remain prepared in case of a midnight evacuation.
Recently a number of people have stopped me…whether in the parking lot, at the grocery store, or at the pool and commented how I should enjoy this time…because it certainly passes fast.  Lets be honest…in the moment some of these days drag on forever….you know when it is only 9 am and you are wondering if it is to early to start dinner.  The days where the three hours of preschool seem so short and you seems to only repeat the same three words.
No thank you, please don’t, that probably is not a good choice
And sometimes…in the midst of all these things you forget that you are trying to be good parent, teach them about life, and raise responsible kids.  Today Aly came home from Kindergarten and told me that she had gym. She also said that the gym teacher told her she needed to wear pants to school on gym days. 
 When I asked her what she said, she replied, “I told him that I can do anything in a dress and I don’t wear pants”  You go girl…she has not worn pants since the age of 2…I don’t expect the gym teacher to change that.
In the craziness of our daily activities, I often forget how lucky we are.  When Jackson was trying to climb into the Fed Ex Truck, he is currently vying to be a truck driver, and the girls were fighting over who got to sit in the pink booster seat…a women rolled down her window and said, “Enjoy every moment”  
I think I asked her if she wanted to take them home.  ALL OF THEM.  
The best though was last night as I was at the Dr. and in the waiting room with the three kids…it was nearing dinner and everyone was tired, cranky, and running wild.  An older gentleman came out and looked around…it was only me and the kids in the waiting room.
“Are these all yours”, he asked.  
“Yes” I replied cringing at the thought that he was going to once again tell me how LUCKY I was,
“That is one hell of a grocery bill  you got them,”  he said as he walked out.
I burst out laughing…..totally true…and worth every penny…
Our Presidents Day Tea Party it won’t be long before the tutu’s are gone.

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Heather · February 23, 2012 at 7:56 pm

So cute! Love the photos forgot to ask how the party was! Your are so clever!

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