This weekend we were in CT for the wedding of one of my college friends.  I can’t remember the last time I was this nervous….maybe at Mooseman.

Seriously, your wedding day is an important one….and Kristine had asked both of our girls to be in the wedding…..two wild cards I tell you.  We headed up on Thursday and spent Friday getting all decked out for the day.  Aly was in LOVE with the spa, the nail polish, the glitter, you name it.  Brianna could care less.  When it came time for the rehersal…Brianna came through.  She danced down the aisle…Aly was hiding under the pew….she was NOT about being the center of attention.  Finally after letting her know we would have to return her dress which is also part of the Halloween costume she did make an appearance.

Enter the wedding day…up at 6 for hair appointments.  It was going to be a LONG day.  The ceremony was at 10:30, so we did not put dresses on these girls until we were getting in the limo.  Brianna was my big concern.  Not getting down the aisle but what she was going to do during the ceremony.  I hid lollipops in my bouquet and off we went.    Everyone made it to the alter…Kristine lit a candle in honor of her mom and now I was on damage control with Brianna…no joke the girl CANNOT stand still.  
I located my college friends in the audience and made eye contact with Angel and Kelly so they knew they were on call.  Brianna headed immediately towards the lit candle…and almost set the church on fire.  I yanked her back and told her if she sat in the pew I would give her a lollipop.  She wanted to stand in front of the audience…so I gave her the lollipop in hopes of avoiding any near catastrophes…she stepped out and began to wave to everyone in the crowd..

I thought there is no way we are going to avoid making a scene….here I am in church praying furiously that Brianna would not make a scene…Angel looked at me…she got it…we tried to see if she would sit with her but she wanted the stage..

FINALLY the ceremony was over…and she could get moving again..

Onto the reception….  you see the candles behind Jackson…those lit the head table….when Brianna came down for her introduction..she blew them out…told me that she was practicing for her birthday.  
I lost count of the number of people that told me that my hands must be full or simply Good Luck…..

The best part was the photo booth….I think we came home with about 100 strips from that booth…Brianna ran around like crazy had a blast and wanted to stay.. we dropped Ryan at the Newark airport for his flight to Cambodia and she stayed awake the entire trip home to Philly.  Some random fun pics!

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