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February 20th, 2012 | Posted by Stacey in Uncategorized

Safety first especially on the swings….My biking riding almost 2 year old – YIKES….is all about the safety.

This morning I sent Ryan to the grocery store with the three kids…I know better I really do..but he was leaving for a couple of days and we were trying to divide and conquer the tasks…he had a list….and guess what was NOT on it..

Sadly, there is another shelf which has the additional kinds he could not fit.  I like ice cream but do not LOVE it….I cannot say the same thing for the rest of our crew.

While it will last this week since he is traveling….it will disappear upon his arrival home…this is why the kids remind me that he is the FUN dad….

I think though…this might just come in handy…there has been a little smack talk about a little 5k race that might happen in the Miller Household….eat all the ice cream you want buddy!  Tomorrow I will post the 18 boxes of cereal he is currently working his way through

This weekend we got rid of the first couple of bins of baby stuff…I am all about moving this stuff out the door and we have friends who are having a girl…so we traded clothes….Jackson made out in the deal quite well

If you have any tips on how to get him to not sleep with snow boots on I am all ears!

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