This is pretty much what 3 kids 4 and under is making me feel like.  We have been in NH since Sat.  Ryans parents left CT after a whirlwind trip to help us with the apartments.  The girls were sad to see them go, as we have had their help for a month.  Ryan headed to London on Monday for work.
I headed back to the emergency room on Tuesday.  Hopefully they have finally figured out what the problem is and we are on the mend.  Poor Jackson has been to more Dr. and Hospitals since he has been born, thankfully he is just a really good baby.
The girls have been super – tiring but 2 and 4 will do that.  We have enjoyed spending time with our cousins up here and playing outside.  Hopefully now that I am on the mend I can get some pictures up.
We did make our first outing to Target.  They have great carts for families with 3 small children.  I wish there was a super Target near us!!!  Our trip was a success, partly with the bribe of milkshakes for good behavior…bad mommy!!!
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