Another week of travel in the books….and I am glad that the travel season is almost over.  Ryan came home from Cambodia yesterday and there is possibly only one more trip this year.  In November, we are both going to Hong Kong!  Ryan has been several times and really enjoys it (like wants to move there ASAP enjoyment) so I am going to see what the hype is all about. 

While he will be over there for the better part of two weeks…and working long hours while there…we thought it would be a great opportunity for my mom to come with us.  Super excited that we will be returning to a place they used to live!

I think the best part of him coming home was I got to swim this afternoon instead of getting up in the wee hours…I went to the pool and he brought the kids a while later so we could swim for a while.  Aly is really motivated to swim the 25 yards so that she can go on waterslides…we got the rotary breathing down tonight now just a little more work on the endurance and we should be good.

On the training front, I seem to be making progress with my hip.  After 4 solid weeks of ART and PT…I am ready to move OUT of the pool.  The workouts have been good but I am anxious to get back on my bike and the road.  It will be a while before I get out running I think but even biking would be nice.

Last weekend we had some family pictures taken at a park….

Jack looks so big!

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