Is it possible to have a high maintenance 2, well almost 3 year old? I went to check on Aly before bed last night and this is how I found her. Complete with her purple shoes and crown right next to her in bed.

Now the question remains, who did she get this love to dress in high heels and dresses behavior from? Certainly not her mom, since I depise high heels and spend most of my days in my comfy yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Ryan would rather wear sandals to any function, and he is not one to like getting all dressed up either.
This morning, she informed me that her name was now Dorina – because that is a princess name. My name was Iggy the Iguana – I guess that is fitting considering the way I was dressed. She also informed that she was going to wear her new tights – because they were beautiful. So this is how we left for school. I am just counting the days until the Prom.

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