This year marked the sixth time I have gone to Tucson to train in the Spring.  I always look forward to getting away from the crazy winter weather.  This year I was lucky and was able to get to San Diego for training in January and then Tucson in Feb.

These ladies were pretty much the highlight of my trip.  We have trained and raced all over together and it is always nice to spend a week with people who are in your circle.  I am 100% blessed to have these women in my life.

The Endurance Corner camp is definitely geared towards to long course athlete.  I will admit that it still stings a little that I am still not able to race the Ironman distance.  Onward of course, and I am so happy to be on my bike riding in the sunshine!  One of the best parts of this camp is they take care of EVERYTHING…we come to train and eat…over and over.



We were able to get a lot of solid riding in including Madera, Gates Pass, Mt Lemmon repeats since it was snowy at the top, and Kitts Peak.  One of the great things about this camp is the SAG…they are awesome.  We had great weather but it was often cold when we started, so shedding layers was key.  

This year the pool swims were coached by a local masters coach and he was no JOKE.  We did a 15 min TT two days and most of the swims were over 4k – which I loved of course!


Of course, you really go to Tucson to cycle, so while we supplemented with running and swimming the majority of time we spent on our bikes


On of the great things about this camp, is the staff that comes back each year.  Along with the EC coaches, it was great to have some top notch pros to train along side of.  They provided so much insight and support over the course of the week.  Certainly a great way to start the year!




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