I had my 32 week appt this morning – everything looks great.  Hopefully Baby Miller will cooperate and come on time……no that any of the others have, but one can always have hope right?   We have been enjoying the weather here – today it is overcase but in the 60s.  Too bad the rest of the week calls for RAIN. 

Spring + dogs + RAIN = Disaster, especially since our lawn is not really in. 
In other news, Brianna is doing great with her glasses.  The fix the lazy eye issue when she is wearing them and she has been super about keeping them on.  Of course, she is way more interested in watching TV now that she can see.
Aly has an eye exam this afternoon.   She really wants glasses to so she can be part of the club.  I think the novelty will wear off  a lot quicker with her though.
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