Last weekend, I went to Atlanta to catch up with a couple of tri camp friends, my college friend, and meet some new ones too!

Ryan’s mom was kind enough to fly out and help us for the weekend.  I was not sure that I was going to make it out given the storm and I was flying out of Atlantic City.  The stars aligned though and I was able to make it to Atlanta with no problems.

I caught up with my college friend, Tara,  for the first night and we hung out in Atlanta…crazy stuff I tell you..dinner and a quiet night.  I was just so excited though to have dinner that did not include the same conversation..please sit down, no you are not done, we don’t feed the dog what we don’t like…etc.

Then on Friday, I met up with Julia, Sarah, and Liz….we met up on a house in Lake Lanier, which is a huge lake in Georgia.  I tell was such a nice nice weekend.  We ate, relaxed, read books, sat in the sun and watched movies.  There was no drama, no crazy workouts, and lots of laughs. 

This was a HUGE hill that we ran up to get out to the main road…it was a killer and I am glad that I do not live near it!


and Monday it was back to the regular schedule…CRAZY!

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GoBigGreen · November 11, 2012 at 11:20 pm

OH THAT HILL!! I think running down was WAY worse ( hello shins and quads) than running up.
I totally had withdrawl when i got home, and i had so much fun. What a nice nice weekend.
I am so glad you guys did that for me and for all of us.
Good luck next weekend!!

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