My bike is racked and my bags are packed….and the condo is crazy quiet as the kiddos are out swimming on this gorgeous day.  I cannot believe that I am so lucky to be able to start tomorrow and in many ways I feel like a kid the night before a disneyland trip…that is how excited I am.
The journey here has been nothing short of amazing…from my husband, to coaches, and the friends that I have met along the way….I am just incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such generous and inspiring people.  
My experience here was not without a ton of support and help along the way..if you surround yourself with the bes of the best then it makes the training and journey that much easier and FUN.  Hands down I can confidently say that I have done just that.  
First and Foremost…the three pictured below and Ryan…I cannot express enough how thankful I am that you are my number one fans…the excitement that you shared yesterday while you got to race your Ironkids race was enough to melt my heart… Ryan, I know that spectating tomorrow with these three kids will make my day a breeze but I am just so lucky to have you all here. THANK YOU THANK YOU…You make my world complete and full of love and laughter everyday.

My TEAM MILLER support crew that is here in Placid with me…my best friend from college who flew in to be the second parent everyone needs.  Guaranteed my kids will miss Aunt Tara when she leaves but they are having a blast and will make your cheering duties fun.  Finally my parents, who traveled to come and see this race even though it is a haul…I appreciate your support more than you know.

Jen without your knowledge, dedication, and guidance I would have never made it.  I am truly lucky to have you as a coach.  Your ability to help balance family, training and work made this experience so enjoyable and I cannot thank you enough for your support!

Kelly I do not think that I could ask for a better mentor and friend in this sport.  I am so excited that you are here and your generosity in sharing everything you know has been so helpful…I promise that you will not be number 1 on my speed dial in August!  We are a great team and I am excited to see what the future hold for us.

Dr. Heather Moore  while I might think I am the Dr….I know that you are a HUGE reason as to why I am at the start line healthy and uninjured.  You are one of the most dedicated and devoted PT’s I have ever met and your passion for athletes is unparalleled.  Thank you for your elbow and your friendship…the best yellow page find I will ever have.  I am truly blessed to work with you and have you in my corner!

Kate Hall  I always saw you tired and you always put me through the ringer but I will be a better athlete because of your help.  You are amazing at what you do!

I have so many training partners and friends who were so helpful, I don’t even know where to begin!  My riding buddies, Edgar and Yasi who endured my hilly crazy rides in sometimes sweltering heat.  Joe, who ran long with me and kept me company.   The JHC clan…CarolineJulia, and Sarah (I am still waiting for the wine blog)…thank you thank you for your support!!! The Fleet Feet crew…Heather, Jahnna, Annmarie, Michelle, and Myse…I am glad that I have a job that is SO SO supportive of my crazy lifestyle..The Wholistic Fitness ladies Audrey, Carolina, Jamie, and many more…you inspired me daily to be stronger and crazier than I already am.  The Keystone Crew George, Christine, Joey G, and Derek….it is just a little nuts that we were all in line a year ago…and it seemed like a year was a lifetime away..Derek I am so excited to become Ironman together..your story is amazing!

I cannot wipe the smile from my face…I am just so excited to be able to have this opportunity and to LOVE this sport and to go 140.6 miles tomorrow is just so awesome.  I know it will not be easy and there will be good and bad parts of tomorrow but not everyone gets to chase their dream and make it a reailty and I am only lucky girl!

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Jennifer Harrison · July 27, 2013 at 9:11 pm

LOVE THIS blog — THIS is what it is all about — I will be cheering for you tomorrow! You will do great, of course!

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