I was able to sneak in two quick races these past few weeks.   This is early for us but so nice to see that spring is finally here and we are OUTSIDE.

The first one was French Creek Olympic…or the race that almost did not happen.  It is about an hour from the house…and I realized oh…5 min from the race site that I had forgotten my transition bag.

So I drove at unnamed speeds to get home and back and squeaked into transition a measly 10 min before it closed.



The short and sweet…it was COLD..mid 40s with water 52.  I swam so fast to get out of the cold cold water.

The bike was hard and hilly which was super…I managed to get out of the water first and two women passed me on the bike…I was eager to stay in the top three.

Finally, we were off the bike and onto the run…about mile three the feeling came back into my feet..and then it started to rain..Solid effort for a yucky day.

Upper Dublin Triathlon

This might be billed as my favorite local race…short, hard and plenty of athletes getting out for the first race of the season


All of the Sonic athletes were racing this as their beginner season race!  It was so much fun trash talking and racing locally.  The pool is a 350 meter swim..and there is no real warmup..just jump in and go.  There were several college swimmers that started off so it was a fast group

The bike is a fun two loops were you just work hard the whole time.  The bike is where I feel like I have made the most headway this spring…I just kept my head down and rode hard.  My athlete Mike (above) was chasing me and I was trying to not let him catch me!


And then the run..I managed to pass all the female bikers but you never know where you are really standing because it is a  time trial start.  One of the former college swimmers breezed by me on the run.  I managed to snag second place and a little cash as well.

Great start to the season…THANKS to COEUR sports for the fantastic gear this year!


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