We have had awesome warm and unseasonably nice weather this spring…I hope hope that it stays this way for the next couple of weeks..

We have been busy planning our summer trips which is always fun.  We will likely make our annual pilgrimage to Iowa in late June after Aly gets out of school and before the craziness of the summer really sets in.  Ryan may be able to join us for the latter part but he is unsure.

We are thinking about taking our kids to Hawaii in August.  The ONLY thing that is holding me back is the 11 hour flight with Jackson…the rest I think would be fine.

We have FINALLY found an area in NJ we could live if we have to move.  For the time being we are going to stay put in PA and see how Ryan like the commute and if I can survive and manage without him on a weekly basis.

Our garden is going to get planted this week.  We got all of the plants and seeds and hopefully we will get it in this weekend…despite the projected rain.

I get to race a super little sprint next weekend….it will be fun since I have done no racing since last September.

Jackson turns 2 in three weeks….let the terrible twos begin…about 3 months ago I think.

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