So we had our family pictures done last weekend..and this was one of my favorite.  It truly shows the three kids personalities perfect.  No more than 5 minutes after we got to the park Brianna had fallen and tripped over a root and put a huge stain on her tights.  Totally classic move for her.  Jackson HAD to wear his fire truck shoes that lit up, and Aly…the feet crossed and sandals with jewels tells you she’s all girl!
While we were there there was a photography class that took some pictures of the kids.  One of the gentlemen said he would email me the pictures.  I gave him my email and we parted ways…I had his pen and when I looked around they were gone.  Later on that night I got a text from my friend Sarah who took the pics.   Apparently the pen was valuable and needed to be returned.  I called the gentleman and he came to our house to get it.
Ryan was MAD that I gave him our address….he thought it all sounded shady.  Apparently the guy is a neurosurgeon and has written prescriptions for the last 20 years with it…who knew! 
So fast forward, Monday night I am here alone with the kids..and wouldn’t you know the house alarm goes off at 1:30 am.  SCARED me to death…all I could think about was it must be that guy – HA…it was a short in the wiring and it went off again this morning but lesson learned.
We are busy to the hilt with birthdays, halloween and fun fall stuff!

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