I first came to small town Iowa in 2000…Ryan tried to prepare me…but the truth is it was just one of those things that you need to experience.  There are certainly things I look forward to when we come out here.  Namely the slowing down and enjoying the time with his family.

As an East coast girl…I often get caught off guard at the friendliness of the midwest.  This morning I went to the local pool to swim.  People from here…know if you are not local and they ask TONS of questions, it is like there is no filter.  Where you are from, what are you doing here, who are you visiting?  and most certainly they know your in laws or cousins because everyone knows everyone and everything. 

Every salad I have ever seen in the midwest has jello…really?  Brianna thought she had struck gold when she got pineapple whipped salad…I informed her that it was dessert and I think it lost its appeal some.  Jello and apples, strawberry pretzel jello salad…it just cracks me up.

All in all….we love coming…and getting back to basics…like a good old game of baseball in the backyard

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