I always knew with as much traveling as we do our luck would run out.  We usually travel pretty prepared for health issues with the kids.  We had antibiotics, steriods, nebulizers….you get the picture.

Jack started wheezing on Wednesday…it was bad by Friday.  Aruba hospital here we come.  Luckly, the ER pediatrician had done his residency in Texas.  We got xrays and he seemed to think there might be some pnuemonia…he did not want us to fly home on Sat.  Finally, we put a plan in place.  We could nebluize on the plane – there were outlets, we got a new antibiotic, and some other drugs and we were on our way….

Poor little man…he is still not right.  After todays visit the US Drs are leaning more towards RSV – either way we are on a 24 hour watch…..hoping that he will start drinking more and breathing better!

Here are a couple of pics before the frenzy…

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