We managed not to float away this weekend…but it rained ALL weekend, mostly torrential downpour.  Of course it did not stop us from getting outside for a few moments
especially when you are helping to walk the dogs.
We also managed to do some more organization in the nursery.  I had been going through our newborn clothes, which were pretty worn after the two kids and make a list of things we need.  I hung the stuff that was usable, and the girls helped by making sure the crib was in order
I think there was a little more jumping than inspection, but they both assured me it would be safe for the baby.  In the process they burned out the batteries for the musical crib aquarium.
All in all a great weekend.  We tried a new chinese place on Sat, Ryan still has not found one that has met his demands as the chinese conniseur of our family.  This one Abacus was good, however it was EXPENSIVE.  Not sure that we will be regulars there.
This afternoon, I got to spend the afternoon shopping with my friend Tanya.  We hit a bunch of different places and then the mall.  It was nice to check things off my list while kid free.  Ryan managed to get both kids to nap – how come that NEVER happens for me????     I brought him wings and BBQ home and the girls were still sleeping when I got home.  At least we found a new place that meets his expectations for BBQ.

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