Winter seems to have delivered to most of the northeast…but we have not had  the snow that New England has had.   The cold has been present but certainly not the snow.  Some people despise the winter but it is a SUPER time for our family.  We love skiing, this year has been especially awesome since everyone is skiing on their own and old enough for lessons.  So we have enjoyed many family nights and a couple of super ski dates.  We have managed five mountains this year and the kids have been on the slopes for hours..





And because our family is not crazy enough, we added a puppy to the mix.  BACON!!!  It was going to be named after some food group for sure and this beats the cereal and ice cream line.  We lost one of our labs a couple of weeks ago and in true fashion we got in over our heads with another lab rescue.


wpid-wp-1424739943787.jpeg     wpid-img_20150219_154028234.jpg    wpid-img_20150219_083712104.jpg


Dare I say that Jackson has met his match?  He seems to be adjusting just fine and Moose seems to be liking the company.

Training is going okay and more about that soon!




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