This weekend we headed to Austin with the kids.  Ryan had a conference here and we have never been to Texas. We thought, incorrectly, of course that the kids would have Columbus day off so they would only miss two days of school.   We have heard that Austin is a GREAT place, without kids, but we had ours so we decided to check out the family friendly options!


We climbed Mt. Bonner, played at Barton Springs, met up with old high school friends and ATE some delicious food.  It was SUPER hot here, between 92-98 every single day.  The kids spent PLENTY of time here.

wpid-wp-1444747100222.jpeg  wpid-wp-1444750240134.jpeg

We were fortunate to catch up with some high school friends of mine that I have not seen since graduation 20 something years ago..thank you facebook!  They were quite awesome in providing us with some great company for dinners and advice on navigating the city with kids. THANKS Scot and Anita!!! We happened to be in town during the ACL music festival so that added a fair amount of traffic.


We lost Ryan to the conference on Monday am…but we rolled along quite nicely…we were able to ride in an electric car…which the kids deemed quite awesome and put on their list as must haves…(yeah RIGHT) and we headed to swim in the 98 degree heat

Tuesday we hit The Thinkery…possibly one of the best kids museum that we have been to..wpid-wp-1445010384739.jpeg  wpid-wp-1445010403515.jpeg

the kids did taste testing, built cars, figured out how to run dams and water flow, and had a great timewpid-wp-1445010416986.jpeg  wpid-wp-1445010365497.jpeg

We headed back to Philly on Wed, the kids were beat!  I am glad to get back into a normal routine and have traveling over for a little bit.

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