After IMLP and our annual trek across the US, we returned briefly to PA.  In 2013, I essentially ended my season after Lake Placid as I was not sure how I was going to feel.  This year, I knew I wanted to do something like shorter like a half but there are not a ton locally that fit my timing.

I was hoping the Princeton 70.3 would return but it was not meant to be.  So completely out of my comfort zone I went, and I signed up for Redman…in OKLAHOMA.  What was I thinking really???

This was a huge step for a lot of reasons, but first I don’t fly to races…because I have never taken my bike apart.  Thank goodness for awesome work partners and friends, Shaun Gallagher, is coming to Redman and he will help  take control and reconstruct my bike.   Second, I have never done a course that I have not ridden or ran in training.  Finally, it requires getting coverage and organizing schedules for three – and really that is the biggest deterrent and most worrisome about leaving.

So I am back training…only a tad, nothing really hard yet.  We spent a couple days in NH which allowed me to bank some great miles both on the road and on the trails.

wpid-wp-1440111279644.jpeg    wpid-wp-1440111271439.jpeg  wpid-wp-1440111313109.jpeg


and we returned back to PA and launched into the final get ready for school prep.  I am ready for the kids to go back.  I love summer and having them home, but we need a little structure and they are getting antsy.  We have completed all but one thing on our summer bucket list and we will hit that one next week…so we are ready to close this chapter.

This will be the first year that  all three will be going to school…while Jackson is only in kindergarten it will still allow a little more flexibility in my schedule and not as much manipulation for getting coverage as I had done last year.


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