As I sit here typing in my winter hat on and peppermint tea (I love this stuff).  It has been ridiculously cold this week.  I have seen more pictures of car temperature gauges reading negative number to last me a lifetime.  In my increased amount of time on the treadmill…I have thought a lot about my 2014 goals…and what I wanted to accomplish.  Somewhere between the What if and the Why Not…there is a part of me that thinks that 2014 can be a great year….I am repeating some races, sticking to more local stuff, and getting out of my comfort zone completely.

In one of my workout comments last week, Jen wrote why not believe you can swim, bike and run harder than I have before.  I am repeating more races this season so I think that is how I am going to approach 2014.

I think one thing that makes this sport interesting is that there are so many different approaches you can take to each season.  You can race short or long, or focus on run, bike, or swim…in order to keep things fresh I want to go back to the Half Ironman distance and see what I can do.

What also makes the sport interesting is when there is some electrical shortage in your house and you find one lone outlet workout out of about 50…so you find the longest extenstion cord that exists….and you run it 500 feet to the treadmill…Let’s GO





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