It was my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!  and more on that in a moment.
Jackson is currently obsessed with several things…one being my phone and the camera.  I never know what I am going to get when I upload it.  As evidenced below..he is also obsessed with orange…so he might be documenting his new orange kicks that he got this weekend..still working on wearing them on the right feet.
Onward to the birthday…we had a low key weekend which was nice..the kids are not feeling super and we had plans to go out Sat night…but we canned them and came home for movie night instead.  Everyone has upper respiratory issues going on and the winter colds seem to be never ending this weekend.
But we ended on a high note…the girls had a shopping day today and we did GREAT..Aly is such a little shopper I tell you.  She loves clothes and fashion…and I have no idea where it comes from!
We are snuggled on the couch getting ready for the movie!

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