Since we are having guests for New Years Eve – I thought I would post some pictures of our new house.

I have this AMAZING friend in CT that I miss dearly – shout out SUSAN!!!! She literally sold our house in CT and then made the trek to PA to help set up our house here.

So far the foyer, the family room and the guest room are mostly done.

This is the foyer

Our guest room:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our family room… we have high celings and I love the way it came together. Here it is decorated for the holidays…

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Tarawilky · December 31, 2009 at 11:09 pm

I've been patiently waiting for updates (smile). The house looks great — awesome job Susan!! Did you take any pics of your parents renovation? Glad it was a good week with the fam in NH too. See you next week!!!!!

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