We were looking for some pictures for the apartments at Allen Street this evening, and I started to reminisce about how much our girls have grown. It also gave me a little time to reflect how truly blessed we are.

When I stopped working in October, I was nervous about the challenges of being home with the girls full time. I must admit that it is the hardest and most trying job that I have ever had. I have been fortunate that I have two friends Jen and Amy, that have helped me make it and “survive” my first winter at home. They are amazing moms that are able to relate to my struggles and frustrations and laugh when I am at my wits end.

This week I started working at our gym, 15 hours per week. Ironically, another person left this week in the department in which I am working for. Immediately, I was asked to take on additional hours. My response was simple. I love my girls and our time at home and I am not interested in working any more that my 15 hours.

This afternoon as Aly and I were making shapes with pretzel sticks, I thought about how the amazing opportunity I have to be with my children on a daily basis. We eat lunch together, we play in the afternoon rain, we do puzzles and practice letters. I thought about how fast 3 years has gone and how darn smart Aly is (she found the sweet tarts, I thought that I had hidden so well).

How much I would have missed today if I had not been with them-

Brianna learned the word Bad, when Aly needed to go to time out – she just stood there and said Bad over and over. FYI she also learned the word shoe.

Aly wrote her name on her own for the first time. I will post it in a later photo. We made all of her shapes out of pretzels this afternoon. She also fed the dogs a pack of gum.

I still cannot fathom how my parents raised four as successfully as they did. Great job mom and dad, I am still trying to figure out two.

That was a long post to four fun photos:

I still cannot believe that Brianna was this little or skinny.

For the longest time Aly believed that Pull Ups were Hats – she wore them everywhere

This is Aly at 18 months – Almost the same age as Brianna now……..

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