I know that it has been a while but things have been CRAZY to say the least. A bunch of pictures to follow.

We travelled to the beach right before Derek and Shelby left. It was chilly to say the least but the girls liked picking up the shells and walking on the sand.

We have been enjoying the warmer weather this past week. We have spent the last couple of days outside almost ALL day. I think the long winter took a toll on us and we are ready for spring.

I completed my last ride this weekend – I loved the Team in Training group and I am really excited to be in Florida in less than a week and complete my first triathlon – YAHOO.

This is Aly’s friend Evan – they play soo well together. They all ended up playing on the deck on Friday, we used the hot tub as a pool to float boats and fill cups. Everyone ended up in underwear or diapers = they had doo much fun.

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