There are geese in our neighborhood…a lot of them.  Brianna loves them, every morning she asks for the gooses.  She loves looking out the window at them.  She will stand in the driveway and watch the geese next door.
After a few minutes, or immediately if they are on our property, I will let the dogs out.  The above picture respresents what happens to the geese then.  They take off….fast as Rosco barrels after them….he he.  I don’t really care for the geese, I like them even less when they poop all over our yard,  Our dogs think it is food and well sometimes it does not sit well with them.  So I let them out to chase them away, which leads to this…..
The question that she must ask at least 50 times, “Where did the gooses go”  to which I answer, “I really don’t know the dogs must have chased them away”
She replies, “Mommy I sad that the gooses are gone”  hmmmm no response from me.  Repeat the above question again.

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Tarawilky · March 11, 2010 at 1:06 am

OMG…it's FPC all over again. Do you remember the goose poop on the Manor Lawn?

I love Bri's new glasses.

We need to discuss a time for me to visit the new house and meet Miller 3.

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