Our weekend in reverse order!
We celebrated Aly’s 5th birthday on Sat…she was beyond excited.  She has wanted to wear this princess hat for days.  We jumped for 1.5 hours then had cake…..the kids were beat.  I jumped quite a bit with them and it is really tiring.  Here are a a couple of pics from the party

She is in love with butterflies… so we make vanilla cake and chocolate cupcakes!
Funny how the boys sat on one side and the girls on the other and then Brianna could not really decide!
On Wed I ended up taking our neighbor to the ER – she stood on a skateboard and hurt her elbow…check out  this fruit basket she sent us for our party weekend
the bunnies were chocolate covered pineapple.
On Friday, I ended up at the Dr with a pretty bad sinus infection….which made for a long weekend.  I also got to bring home my new bike…
I set it up on the trainer briefly on Sat and tried it out…it is certainly going to take some getting used to.  I think Ryan is still not over the fact that he actually agreed to let me buy a new bike!

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