Germ free air that is….we have been hit HARD with the stomach bug.  In the short 6 years of parenting this is by far the worst I have ever seen it. 

Jackson started on Friday night…Ryan was awesome.  I never even woke up…I was out of the house early for a long workout and when I got home mid morning, I picked up Jackson and he promptly puked on me….it was forshadowing for the days to come. 

We thought we might be clear….as no one else seem to get it over the weekend…but poor little Jack is still puking….and Monday morning rolled around and Ryan left for the week.

Within two hours of his departure both girls started….and we have been homebound ever since.  Thankfully by some miracle I have been spared and have not gotten sick, which is pretty amazing since by this morning there were two kids in our bed with me.

Hopefully it will let up soon.  Until then we will feast on crackers and gingerale.

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GoBigGreen · April 30, 2012 at 8:43 pm

Ugh i hope you are all doing ok and that YOU are doing ok. Let me know if the ITB isnt calming down. Hopefully it will!! hang in there.

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