This is a pretty solid summary of the last two months of my life.  This week capped the final push before IMLP and honestly, I was a little sad to finish my last long brick.  Slowly, I am finishing the things that were on the back burner for the past two months or so and finally feel like things are coming around.  I find myself with just a little extra time to blog and get ready for our two week trip.

I spent the majority of this training cycle spending a lot of time by myself.  Honestly, I have not minded it really, as the training was vastly different than anything that I had done and for me it required a ton of focus.  I spent many hours training on a short 3 mile span of road hitting target watts again and again…which in the beginning I found mind numbing and boring but towards the end I found challenge in the repetition and the numbers have increased just so slightly so progress in my cycling was crystal clear.


I also spent a ton of time focusing on riding hills correctly.  After looking at the data from Quassy, it was evident that was a place where I could save some energy.  So hill after hill, I rode until I could figure out how to keep under the watts cap…and slowly but surely I got it…time and patience and the willingness to just keep riding.  From there grew a quiet confidence that I might actually be learning to ride this bike.


So now the hay is in the barn and the next few weeks are spent just fine tuning and packing this crazy crew.  We are in the thick of summer swimming so the break from IM training comes at a great time.  The kids are excited to get on the road and head west after our little stop in LP.




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Tara · July 23, 2015 at 3:04 am

Hay in the barn? Really Milford girl …

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